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Meet the award-winning Chef Roger Mooking. A restaurateur, television host, author, and award-winning recording artist Roger Mooking is known as the host of:

If you think that the list is over, here is more, Roger is also host and co-creator of the internationally broadcast television series “Everyday Exotic” on Food Network, as well as co-host of “Heat Seekers” on the Food Network with the renowned chef Aarón Sanchez.

Chatty Bear interviewed Chef Roger for Chatty Bear Chefs Unplugged:

Tell us about your journey from Trinidad & Tobago to Edmonton.

I put on a nice all denim suit to fly from Trinidad to Canada, it was a nice suit and I had no idea that this was called a Canadian Tuxedo at the time. Because of my Father’s job we used to move a lot before we moved to Canada and my favourite food was Dumplings in that era.

Does the Chef Roger still have the “MC Mystic” in him? How do you make time for music?

Forever but it has evolved for sure. Time is what you make of it. If you really need to do something, you find the time to do it, making things keep me sane.

Usually, celebrity chefs are known to keep their recipes secret but you’ve made your recipes public on your website. Why?

Food is about sharing and one of the best conversation openers known to mankind in my opinion. So sharing a recipe is a way of extending a branch to the receiver.

You host a range of TV shows. Which one is your favorite?

My favourite is Man Fire Food at the moment.

Is there a specific dish/recipe close to your heart?

I have a recipe for Doubles on my website. Doubles is a staple street food in Trinidad and people will traverse the island to get a hold of their favourite doubles.

In the early days of your life in the culinary industry who was your inspiration and who is your favorite Chef now?

I used to watch a lot of Yan Can Cook growing up, he looked like some people in my family and cooked so many things that I loved to eat. He was always so happy to share what he knew with the world and was a gracious soul. Now my favourite Chef is Barack Obama.

Do you think eating habits reflect on your personality?

Absolutely. There is a reason that people say “you are eating your feelings.”

Your book “Everyday Exotic: The Cookbook” won the Gourmand World Cookbook award, what is special about this book?

It will forever be my first cookbook and the process is gruelling and the Editors are so mind numbingly detailed. Once that book finally lands in your hands after all that work, it is extremely satisfying. I’m an author, who knew.

You must have tried or experienced almost all types of cuisines in your life. Is there one that stands out as the best cultural fusion cuisine? and why?

I had some of the best food of my life in Cambodia, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur. These cuisines, like many, are influenced by the various cultures that are in close geographic proximity and / or other nations that have integrated into the indigenous culture.

Have you ever been to India? What’s your favorite dish from India?

Yes, I have been to Delhi and ate so much great food. One of the best things I had there was in Old Delhi at a street market stall, it was an Aloo Roti smeared with Chutney. I would fly back just for that.

What kind of people do you like and hate at the dinner table?

I only eat with people I truly like, so I don’t even know what it is to have someone at the table that I dislike. I have a pet peeve against wasting food though, that drives me crazy, either eat it or save it for later. No exceptions.

What are your upcoming projects?

One must never divulge what they are working on. One must just put their head down, do the work in the most competent team environment, and then share it once it is fully formed.

So this was our brief conversation with the award-winning Chef Roger Mooking. Let us know if you any questions for him? We would be happy to share it with the chef.

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