Beachfront Resort & Malaysian Cuisine In Langkawi

Our visit to Langkawi was a brilliant spontaneous adventure. We stayed relatively close to the airport at a beachfront resort called D’Coconut Villa Langkawi.

We chose these accommodations were chosen so that we could enjoy a waterfront villa with a private beach and a beautiful outdoor washroom connected to our unit. The trade-off was that we weren’t located within walking distance of the busier part of the island with well-known restaurant chains nearby.

Nonetheless, we wandered through our part of town and found a couple of late-night restaurants. One restaurant nearby served local favorites like laksa (spicy noodle soup cooked with fish, tamarind and fresh calamari), nasi lemak (rice served with protein – often fried chicken – cooked eggs, vegetables, and sambal or chili sauce), satay (grilled chicken or pork) and freshly squeezed juice (often watermelon, coconut or pineapple).

We also found a restaurant that sold fresh fish and shellfish by the kilo and cooked to order! Blown away, we ordered some chicken, fish and crab. Having grown up in India, this was Amit’s first time eating freshly cooked crab. Check out our video to see the fresh seafood available and watch Amit’s reaction to his dinner.

Midnight Craving – Halim Gp Gulai Panas Airport – Langkawi Island

This was our second night in Langkawi Island, Malaysia. It’s a small island and we expected everything to be shutdown by 7 PM. But there were two places close to the airport and our Villa. Here is one of the places: Halim GP Gulai Panas Airport. Fresh seafood and delicious curry. It remains open till 2-3 AM.

Posted by Chatty Bear on Saturday, 7 March 2020

The food was fast, fresh and very tasty. It was cooked very simply, either fried or grilled, and sauce was supplied, as requested. I would love to return but I would avoid ordering fried chicken, as it was overcooked and dry without the sauce.

Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, I’m accustomed to seeing Dungeness crabs, which are larger than the crabs we found in Langkawi. In Langkawi, the crabs were often blue crabs with sweetmeat. However, their legs are much smaller; the next time I would request grilling the crabs rather than frying them so they retain more natural flavors and become easier to eat.

Geraldine Sangalang

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