Chinese Signature Noodle Soup In Kuala Lumpur

We visited Malaysia for 2.5 weeks. During that time, two weeks were spent in KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre). While researching accommodations prior to our trip, we sought a safe neighborhood with enticing restaurants. We chose to rest our heads at an Airbnb called D’Majestic Place by Homes Asian, located in a neighbourhood called Jalan Pudu. Here is the story of our Chinese signature noodle soup experience.

While Jalan Pudu isn’t the flashiest neighborhood, finding stylish accommodations wasn’t our priority. The area felt safe, it was accessible and there were restaurants (temporary and) within walking distance of our home. Although it was February, the climate was humid and hot.

In the evening, it was fun to find new food stalls set up along the street. But during the daytime when the sun was far too hot for comfort, we would evaluate restaurants with indoor, air-conditioned seating.

We visited Restoran Zhongguo Hao Wei Dao at lunchtime. This restaurant serves unique Chinese soups. You don’t often plan to eat soup on hot muggy days, but if the air conditioning is strong and the soup is excellent, why wouldn’t you enjoy the savory excellence?

Chinese Signature Noodle Soup In Kuala Lumpur

Just next to the Restoran Ali Food Corner, you see this beautiful Chinese restaurant with a nice interior as compared to other restaurants in the area. Kuala Lumpur is a very hot place and most of the restaurants here are open restaurants, especially in Jalan Pudu area. Run by all women, check out the video of their signature dish. Specialty of this soup is that it had 5 different colored noodles.

Posted by Chatty Bear on Wednesday, 11 March 2020

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We ordered the Signature Soup at Restoran Zhongguo Hao Wei Dao, which had a beautiful broth. At first, it felt oily, but the layers of flavor complimented each other so beautifully. It was a spicy, savory, satisfying dish. Served with colored noodles imported from China, the thin noodles had a great texture. The Signature Soup is served with pieces of chicken, vegetables, colored noodles, and topped with fresh cilantro. Beautifully seasoned, there was no need to add salt or chili oil.

This was a wonderful discovery, which is why I’ve grown to love Jalan Pudu so much. It’s a busy neighborhood with a number of local restaurants and temporary stalls that share the space. Check out our video to hear more about the Chinese soup restaurant and a review of our meal.

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