Five Authentic Maharashtrian Dishes To Fall In Love With

Maharashtrian food primarily encompasses vegetarian cuisine but before you jump to speculate that it must be some boring food, hold on. Maharashtrian food has a wide range of delicacies. From extreme spicy chicken items to sweet festival dishes, from a dish full of proteins to an evening snack Maharashtrian food has the capability to satisfy all kinds of test buds. Here is the list of five authentic Maharashtrian dishes that have been the part of the Maharashtrian culture for years which you should try.

Puran Poli

Every Maharashtrian festival is incomplete without this sweet dish eaten with Aamti, a mild spicy curry. Puran Poli would be a brand ambassador of the Maharashtrian food. The filling used for Puran Poli is made of Chana dal. You will have heaven like experience if you enjoy Puran Poli dipped in Desi Ghee.

Kolhapuri Tambada-Pandhara Rassa

This spicy nonveg dish originated from Kolhapur the city in western Maharashtra will make you forget all other nonveg dishes. The dish serves two types of curries, one of them is an extreme called Tambada and another one is called Pandhara a mild spicy soar soup. Though the dish could be tasted in every part of Maharashtra but if you want to taste the authentic taste then you need to catch up a bus to Kolhapur.


It could be eaten as a heavy breakfast or evening snacks Thalipeeth is made of three types of flours and is full of nutrition and tasty as well. If you think traditional dishes are time-consuming go for this ready to serve in 10 minutes stuff. It is a good alternative of fast food.


A popular Maharashtrian sweet dish made on every happy occasion is easy to make and can be made with dry fruits. Though not proper Maharashtrian Pineapple Sheera, which has got popular in north Indian states, in the recent years is a mixture of pineapple slices and sheera is also a great sweet dish.

Sabudana Khichadi

Last but not the least, in five authentic Maharashtrian dishes list this one is a delight. Made of sago this dish is actually made in Maharashtrian houses mostly if anyone is on fast. This extremely tasty light snack, when eaten with cucumber, is a perfect dish to have in monsoon season.