Langkawi Beach Side Street Food In Malaysia

We visited the island of Langkawi, Malaysia on a whim because we learned that flights to and from Kuala Lampur were steady and incredibly reasonable (less than $100 CAD roundtrip, including tax and booked within one week of departure). I have to say, it was one of the best spontaneous decisions we made during our visit.

We spent a day exploring the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park at the Northern tip of Langkawi, where we saw the expansive mangroves, carefully protected bat caves and locally-managed floating fish farm. To get around the island, we employed a local driver to show us local favourite destinations.

On our way back to D’Coconut Villa Langkawi Resort, where we stayed on the island, our driver pointed out a nearby set of temporary roadside restaurants. They would set up their cooking stalls and seating in the daytime and dissemble everything before the sunset.

As we drove past the first couple of stalls, we knew this was something special. There were so many groups set up along the beach! Fortunately our driver talked us through the specialties of each stall at Laksa Corner.

The Beautiful Langkawi Beach Side Food

While returning back from our hectic Langkawi tour, we were sleepy, tired and completely given up, until our driver stopped us at this beautiful place right before D’coconut villa langkawi where we stayed for 3 days. With an airport runway on one side and this gorgeous beach on the other… just see how beautifully these hard working people create a feeling of beach side restaurant for few hours everyday.

Check out this beautiful video . Share it if you like.

Posted by Chatty Bear on Friday, 6 March 2020

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Walking through the stalls, we selected laksa (spicy noodle soup cooked with fish, tamarind and calamansi), chicken satay (grilled chicken skewers), beef satay (grilled beef skewers) and Cucur Udang Mamak (prawn fritters) with sambal sauce and salad.

It was mesmerizing to watch staff cook the Cucur Udang Mamak, as they freshly fried the fritters, cut them into pieces and piled them high onto our plate. It was also fascinating to watch this roadside stall’s staff take down their temporary set-up and safely store their temporary tables and chairs (mostly built with wooden product skids) as the sun was setting behind the water.

This was one of our most memorable and certainly one of the most delicious meals we enjoyed in Malaysia. I’m so glad we visited Langkawi, and highly recommend visiting.

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