Lunch in Chinatown – Food, Kuala Lumpur

We visited Malaysia for the first time in February 2020 and here is what I think about our short visit to Chinatown – Kuala Lumpur. Covid-19 continued to spread throughout Asia and Europe, but the World Health Organization wouldn’t declare the situation a pandemic for another two months. Nonetheless, we were aware that there was some danger. There were 22 reported cases in Malaysia when we traveled to Kuala Lampur.

There were two surprise wins that kept us safe: the ability to wash our hands with soap and water regularly; the accessibility of rental cars.

With a largely Muslim population, restaurants must easily accessible handwashing stations for guests. Even roadside fruit stands had running water nearby where you could wash your hands with soap and water. This came as a surprise to me, and a great relief for cleanliness. Although I carried antibacterial gel, spray and wipes, my preference was to wash our hands constantly.

Although we visited Malaysia in early February, the climate was hot and humid. Rather than taking public transit or Uber, we tended to rent easily accessible rental cars by the day. This option proved to be cheaper and sometimes quicker than waiting for an Uber driver to arrive. This meant that we could sanitize the car and enjoy our private air conditioning.

Lunch in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur – Chatty Bear Food Walk

Our last day in Kuala Lumpur just before Langkawi was super busy. We planned for Genting Highland and then we came back for ChinaTown,KualaLumpur,Malaysia . After parking the car we came across this place, lined up by so many people. We went ahead with the line and after having our lunch here we realized why there was a long line up.

Check out this video. These men and women prepare the food from raw materials in front of you. Super Fresh, tasty and good crowd.

Posted by Chatty Bear on Monday, 9 March 2020

While traveling, I often ask locals where they enjoy eating. I heard time and again that if we were able, we should explore Chinatown. Similar to other tourist destinations at the time, we decided that we would check it out, and if we felt uncomfortable, we would leave.

I’m so grateful that we visited Kuala Lampur’s Chinatown! We only spent a couple of hours there, but I definitely had the best Yong Tau Fu I’ve ever had! Freshly fried vegetables stuffed with fish paste served with fish balls, and you’re provided the option of adding tofu and broth. The vegetables included eggplant, bitter melon, okra, and chili peppers.

Although the space is bustling and packed with customers, staff manage the tables and direct diners to specific seats. Drinks are served once you’re seated, and your job is to sit and enjoy your meal.

I would return in a heartbeat!

Geraldine Sangalang

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