Momos & Tea At The Delhi Haat (Dilli Haat)

After returning from Malaysia Geraldine was in Delhi so we tried to explore Momos & Tea at the Delhi Haat also pronounced as Dilli Haat. Dilli Haat is located at multiple locations in Delhi but the most iconic and famous one is located at the INA.

Delhi metro makes it very convenient for any tourist to reach here. Close to INA metro station, this place is (as Geraldine said) super ‘touristy’. Delhi Haat is known for its handicraft products where you’ll find a stall for each and every state of India. What makes it a beautiful place for foodies too is the different food restaurants based on different Indian state cuisines.

We tried this Chicken Momos & Tea at the Haat. Momos are also known as dumpling. It is made up of all purpose flour (maida) filled with mushed boiled/fried chicken. After filling up is ready, it is then cooked in steam and served with red hot sauce made from red chilly, tomatoes. People love Mayonnaise with it too.

We loved the taste of momos, although we had tasted better momos in Delhi itself. Since this place is full of tourists from all over the world, we felt the price was almost three times the normal price.

Delhi Haat – Momos & Tea

While exploring Delhi, Geraldine wanted to experience some indigenous art and food . So we went to Delhi Haat.

Posted by Chatty Bear on Wednesday, 25 March 2020

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