Restoran Ali Food Corner, Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

We spent two weeks in and out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While researching neighborhoods online, our priorities included finding safe and comfortable accommodations with a swimming pool, air conditioning, and a neighborhood with great food options located within walking distance. A neighborhood called Jalan Pudu met all of our expectations and we selected an Airbnb called D’Majestic Place by Homes Asian. The only negative situation we encountered was inconsistent air conditioning over a couple of nights. During our week-long stay, we booked a small one bedroom unit with a kitchen. It was much smaller than we anticipated.

During our second stay, we booked four nights in a larger suite. This space had a bedroom and a separate living room. This space was far more comfortable and worth the expense. Take this into consideration if you’re considering booking D’Majestic Place in Kuala Lampur.

The local food stalls and restaurants in Jalan Pudu were a delicious and fantastic adventure! In the morning you would see billowing steam rising out from Chinese restaurants that were sometimes open 24 hours each day. You could easily find pastries, congee, noodle soup, and local favorites like laksa (spicy noodle soup cooked with fish, tamarind and fresh calamari) and nasi lemak (rice served with protein – often fried chicken – cooked eggs, vegetables and sambal or chili sauce).

Restoran Ali Food Corner, Kuala Lumpur – Chatty Bear Food Walk

One of the best thing about our stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was our location choice. We stayed in Homes Asian . The moment you come down from the building, you’re surrounded with nice restuarants which run for 24 hours. We are sharing one of our lunch experience in Restoran Ali Food Corner . This place had nicest staff, clean seating area and it even serves seafood after evening time.

Posted by Chatty Bear on Sunday, 8 March 2020

At night we would return to a new neighborhood with temporary food stalls along the streets with vendors selling hot steamed buns and fresh satay (grilled chicken, beef, and lamb).

Our favourite 24 hour restaurant is called Restoran Ali Food Corner. With clean seating, kind staff and delicious food, we returned every couple of days to try something new from their extensive menu.

In this video, you’ll see me try Teh Tarik for the first time. This local style of serving tea includes black tea which is brewed and then pulled with condensed milk, resulting in a bubbly, sweet hot tea. Delicious, hot, and light, I drank this tea as often as I could while traveling through Malaysia.

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