Street Food Capital – Indore, Largest City In Madhya Pradesh

When you visit Indore, you will see the city as a typical north Indian city full of buzz. Rickshaws trying to make their way through narrow alleys and colorful markets but there is something more in Indore. Indore is proud to call itself the capital of street food. Indori pohas have already made their way throughout north India and you often find small shops and carts serving the delicious pohas with lemons.

Indore is a haven for real foodies and it offers a variety of food from Namkeens, kachori – Samosas to jalebi – rabadi. You won’t go disappointed from here because at Sarafa market the entire street is dedicated to food which stays open till 3 AM. Thousands of people every day visit this place to satisfy their taste buds. A place called Chappan Dukan which literally is a stretch of 56 shops is one of the most popular places among foodies in Indore.

So let’s have a look at what street food dishes you can try here.

Dal Bafla:

So, slightly different than Rajasthani Dal Bati this authentic dish of Indore is testy as well as healthy to have.  Baflas is made up of wheat and semolina. And it is dipped in ghee before serving with mango pickle and coriander mint chutney. As the dish is quite heavy you can eat it for lunch.



Don’t confuse Indore’s Shikanji with North Indian Shikanji. This Shikanji is made of sweetened milk, dry fruits, and buttermilk. Yes! it’s not made with water and lemon as they do in North India. Shikanji is very cheap and you can have a glass of thick Shikanji at Indore’s Nagori Sweets for only Rs.15. This a nice option for dessert after dinner.

Indore’s Nagori Sweets - Shikanji - Dry Fruit shake


Grated Corn Snacks:

Natively known as ‘Bhutte ke khees’ grated corn snack is Indore’s unique dish made of boiled corn, fried in ghee and mixed with bean (gram flour) and Indian masalas (spices). And this dish is not only mouth-watering but exotic as well. The best place to have Bhutte ka Kees in Indore is Saawariya.

food capital of India - Indore - grated corn snack indore


Indore ki kachori:

There are various types of Indori Kachoris you can try which have different fillings and this one is truly street food in nature. Moong dal (Petite Yellow Lentils) kachori and Aaloo (Potato) kachori are some of the most loved ones. The best kachori you can have is at Vijay’s outlet at Chappan Dukan which will be served with green chutney.