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The Roseate, New Delhi is an urban bliss to your eyes. Right from the moment you enter the main gate until you leave it, The Roseate, New Delhi keeps you surprised. The grand and minimalistic architecture of the building complements the peaceful & modern environment that you expect. Chatty Bear Amit Bhaskar met The Roseate, New Delhi, Chef Nitin Bajaj.

With over a decade of experience across Indian and international markets, Nitin is proficient in handling specialty restaurants. He has a flair for culinary art trends. In his role, he leads the kitchen operations at The Roseate by overseeing the menu development, food preparation. He is also in charge of the training of the culinary team which works with him.

The Roseate, New Delhi, Executive Chef Nitin Bajaj - Chefs Unplugged
The Roseate, New Delhi, Executive Chef Nitin Bajaj

Nitin’s passion for cooking and his global exposure has helped him excel in his career at an early age. 14 years of experience in star hotels, 2AA Rosette & Michelin Star restaurant made him an expert in advanced culinary techniques.

Here is an exclusive conversation with the chef.

Tell us a little bit about your background and childhood.

I grew up watching the greatest chef, my mom. I’ve learned that a great meal can be more than just good food. It’s a gateway to the heart. After stepping into the professional world I followed Chef Gordon Ramsay as my inspiration. Inspiration is a key factor in the making of any great chef. It was the dream come true to work at one of his Michelin star restaurants.

You did your hospitality education from Scotland? What makes you work In India?

I studied hospitality in Scotland to gain international experience. We live in a global economy, where geographies hardly matter; moreover guests today are cosmopolitan and very well-traveled with a diverse palate.

What inspired you to get into the hospitality field? 

I always wanted to pursue hospitality and become a professional Chef. From a very young age, I knew, my interest in food was the most consistent and being a chef was my ambition.

Tell us about the Kiyan and Chinese restaurant Chi Ni’s Cuisine specialties in The Roseate, New Delhi.

We at The Roseate believe in “service from the heart”, service that goes beyond fine dining, service that creates an experience and helps you build memories that last a lifetime.

Kiyan at The Roseate, New Delhi is the resort’s world cuisine alfresco restaurant with a European edge, both in terms of cuisine and fine dining experience. Whereas Chi Ni is viewed by the gastronomes as one of the best Chinese restaurants in New Delhi.

Chi Ni is a 140 cover, restaurant. Chi Ni is the only under the tent canopy restaurant offering oriental cuisine suiting the palate of the Indian audience.

The Roseate, New Delhi, Kiyan Restaurant & Chi Ni Restaurant - Executive Chef Nitin Bajaj - Chefs Unplugged
The Roseate, New Delhi – Kiyan Restaurant

What’s your cooking style? E.g. Western, Contemporary, Indian, etc

Classic French and Contemporary approaches are how I would describe my cooking style. Staying true to your basics and being absolutely astute with your ingredients is the only way for me. I have worked with the best of the chefs in the world and in India. It made me realize that it all depends on how true you are to the ingredients. And that’s how you define your own style in the process.

What are the safety measures being taken against the COVID spread at The Roseate, New Delhi Kiyan, and Chi Ni?

We at Roseate Hotels & Resorts have remodeled and enhanced our standard operating procedures to provide greater care and ensuring a safe environment for all our guests.

The safety measures involve thermal screening at the entry gates of all passenger vehicles. Display of “Safe’ status in the Arogya Setu app for staff & guests and the wearing of masks is a must to enter the hotel premises. All hotel vehicles are disinfected at entry points and after every use. Sanitizers are kept at all prominent locations within the hotel. Housekeeping staff wears Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). To ensure the touchless usage of elevators, a staff member in PPE is present to operate them with not more than 3 members at a time.

Also, under the “Care By Roseate” app, we have introduced a touchless dining option for along with the live kitchen access allowing our guests to see the food being prepared live in the kitchen.

The covers at the venue are placed at a minimum of two-meter distance. Kitchen & service staff wear PPE (masks, gloves & other protective gear) at all times. Regular temperature checks of staff continue to be a part of the new normal. Personnel from areas designated as hot spots are discouraged in the hotel premises.

Do The Roseate, New Delhi also host special occasions for the guests?

Yes, of course. We curate the tailor-made experiences for all our guests based on the nature & size of the occasion. We ensure the best of our services for the once in a lifetime experience for our guest’s special occasions.

Stay tuned for the food review from The Roseate, New Delhi’s Chi Ni & Kiyan.

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