Top 7 Favourite Food Trends Of 2020

Which food trends kept your mind sane, your hands full and your palate happy in 2020? Were your favourite foods made at home, delivered to you, or savoured before you knew what PPE stood for? This is our list of the Top 7 Favourite Food Trends of 2020:

Dalgona Coffee

There was a time when savouring a dairy-drenched coffee meant putting on shoes, speaking to a barista and leaving a tip in exchange for a personalized beverage. In 2020, the year of sheltering in place, Dalgona Coffee, amazed us from instructional Tik Tok videos onto our kitchen counters. In case you haven’t tried this whipped instant coffee drink with Amaretto or espresso vodka, it’s not too late.  

dalgona coffee - Top 7 Favourite Food Trends of 2020
Top 7 Favourite Food Trends Of 2020

Sourdough Bread

The stay-at-home world became mesmerized by the hearty bread which costs so little yet satisfies the carb-monster in all of us. Wheat, water and time can yield sourdough starter: homemade yeast which multiplies and doubles as an edible hobby. Maintaining sourdough starter requires discarding a portion of your creation consistently, which inspires creative uses including pancakes, english muffins, loaves and cookies. Not only does homemade bread make the heart sing, the hearty, handheld food provides a blank canvas for creative decoration. It’s the reminder that good things come in time, and humble beginnings can result in excellence.

Sourdough Bread - Top 7 Favourite Food Trends of 2020
Top 7 Favourite Food Trends Of 2020

Pancake Cereal 

During the year that homemade baking became punctuated as a sexy timepass, we moved full spectrum into the year that Sunday morning favourites – pancakes – were converted into homemade cereal. Small, flat, pan-fried dough drenched in milk? Sure, why not.

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Oat Milk

Just when you didn’t think we could milk another non-dairy item, Oat Milk entered at Stage Left. Oat Latte from Starbucks, anyone? This vegan milk option is a nut-free alternative full of protein and fibre. Canada which yields more wheat than nuts, it’s a more sustainable option than internationally imported nut- and soya- milks. 

Oat Milk - Starbucks Oat Milk Latte
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Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bars

Top 7 Favourite Food Trends of 2020 - Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bars

Milk tea with pearls is classic – the OG. It’s no wonder that kitschy diners raced to sample these milk tea ice cream bars with chewy pearls embedded within. As the popular treats were often sold out in the summertime, social media stories and shout-outs often mentioned grocery store locations where they could be found. If you love them, give red bean ice cream bars a try at your local Asian grocer. They’re also a classic bubble tea flavour with great texture.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot Chocolate Bombs - Top 7 Favourite Food Trends of 2020

Hot chocolate is known to keep your hands warm, and your chocolate-loving heart full with every sip. It’s no wonder that while everyone was encouraged to stay home to prevent the spread of Covid-19, eating habits were increasingly influenced by video content streaming into our homes. Hot Chocolate Bombs are round, hollow chocolate shells filled with hot chocolate fixin’s including cocoa, marshmallows, chocolate pieces, cinnamon, candy bits, the sky is the limit! How does it work? You place a Hot Chocolate Bomb into your cup, pour hot liquid over the bomb and watch the chocolate sphere melt, spilling all of its glorious filling into your cup. Stir, sip and savour!

At-Home Meal Kits

In 2020, at-home meal kits weren’t restricted to grocery store fridges, freezers and meal-prep delivery. To manage the loss of restaurant traffic due to the pandemic, mid- to high-end restaurants pivoted their businesses by preparing partially cooked or fully prepped meal kits sold in person or online. International travel may be restricted, but this innovation allows diners to enjoy their local favourites at home. This includes Japanese Aburi at Home with Miku, Lebanese Meal Kits from Nuba and French Meal Kits from Province Marinaside in Vancouver.

Nuba Home Meal Kit - Vancouver home food kit
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Our Top 7 Food Trends of 2020 include favourite foods that kept us busy, snacks that made us happy and dishes that entertained us during the most unusual of years. As the calendar year comes to a close, take pause: which trendy foods will grace your plate at midnight; which trendy foods are lost at the back of your freezer; which trendy foods have become a staple to brighten your day?

Geraldine Sangalang

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