Visiting Maxim’s Bakery

My earliest memories of Maxim’s Bakery include a large pink box. I remember my mother coming home and leaving this inviting gift onto the kitchen counter. Curious as I was, I didn’t think to ask her what was inside. Rather, I thought the only option was to open the box.

Inside the box, a lovely white cake, topped with the most perfect fruits were waiting for us.

Today, Maxim’s Bakery has 7 locations in Greater Vancouver, including Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Vancouver and Coquitlam.

Maxim’s Pastries

I was fortunate to visit the Coquitlam location to explore and sample the delectable treats in-store.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Maxim’s Bakery

Like all non-essential services in British Columbia, the Maxim’s Bakery locations closed its doors during Phase 1 of BC’s Restart Plan. Before the bakery re-opened its doors to the public, they posted their plan and capacity at the entrance, provide hand sanitizer for guests upon entry, placed directional signage on the floors, increase cleaning efforts, and require staff to wear non-surgical masks.

We sampled a variety of sweet and savory pastries at Maxim’s Bakery Coquitlam, located inside Maxim's Bakery - Fresh Egg Tarts in Vancouver

Mini Coconut Buns

This smaller version of the original coconut bun is delightful. It gives you the option of eating one or two buns without feeling a sense of sacrifice or missing out on a whole treat.
These sweet buns are filled with soft coconut paste, baked, then topped with 2 vertical lines of the coconut paste and topped with white sesame seeds. You can easily rip the pastry in half with your hands. The pastry and its topping are satisfying and sweet. But the coconut filling is the star: light and delicious.

Maxim's Bakery Fresh Mini Coconut Buns In Vancouver

Coconut Cream Bun

This pastry is a shameless treat! Soft pastry filled with cream billowing out the top and sprinkled with coconut. It definitely deserves some attention.
Looking at this beauty, you think to yourself, am I really gonna do this? I’ll just have a bite. And then you realize how light and subtly sweet the cream is. Then you have another bite. Maybe wipe away some cream from your cheeks. Share this indulgent treat with a friend and it’s done! Truly no regrets. It’s a lovely and inviting pastry.

Maxim's Bakery Fresh Mini Coconut Buns & Coconut cream bun In Vancouver

Maxim’s Cakes & Desserts

I have always been mesmerized by cake displays. They’re beautiful, and the glass wall of cakes on display at the Coquitlam location is a brilliant representation of the talents at Maxim’s Bakery. We sampled a few cakes and a fresh pudding, which is a tiny fraction of the varieties available on-site.

Maxim's Bakery in Coquitlam, Vancouver

Fresh Mango Cake

This is a seasonal favorite. If it’s summertime and you’re visiting beautiful British Columbia, you have to try this cake. It’s a mango showstopper! Airy sponge cake with a layer of cream and fruit then covered in more cream with thin mango slices draped all over the cake. And to top it off, decorative cream-filled mango slices. This cake represents sweet summertime in BC. It’s so light and alluring that if you blink, it’s gone in a haze of joy.

Maxim's Bakery - Fresh Mango cake Slice in Vancouver

Passion Fruit Mousse Cake with Blueberry Filling

This is a newer cake at Maxim’s. I was skeptical at first because it’s so different from all the other traditional Chinese bakery classics in the shop, but it’s a beautiful dessert.
The passion fruit flavor leaves a satisfying sweet-tart taste lingering on your tongue. The mousse is very light and creamy, while the blueberry filling is surprisingly subtle. The crust beneath this dessert grounds the flavors, and what may seem like a dramatic desert melts into a complex and balanced treat.

Maxim's Bakery - Passion Fruit Mousse Cake In Vancouver

Guava Mousse Cake with Raspberry Filling

This cake was the surprise of the day! The design is lovely, although the cylindrical shape with the coin-shaped piece leaves you wondering the intention behind it.
The flavors are subtle and sweet which compliments the texture. When you place the cake onto your tongue the mousse melts away beautifully. This phenomenal texture takes a cake that looks impeccable and makes it unforgettable.

Maxim's Bakery - Guava Mousse Cake With Raspberry filling cake In Vancouver

Garlic Cookies

This box of cookies caught my eye based on the name. How would these taste and why would you want your cookies to taste like that? I needed to know, but I was unable to find a local reason why these traditional Chinese sweets came to be.
The cookie is soft and filled with a slightly chewy paste. It has a very satisfying texture, and your mind wanders as you chew because you’re thinking “this is a cookie” but also, “this tastes like steamed pork bun filling.” You taste garlic and hints of 5 spice powder. Then you have another bite and believe it or not, it’s gone!
If you know the origin story behind Garlic Cookies, please leave me a comment or send us a message. I would love to hear from you.

Maxim's Bakery - Garlic Cookies In Vancouver

Wife Cake

I also wanted to try this because of the name. Wife Cake has an interesting backstory. In one version, a wife sells herself into slavery so that she can purchase medicine for her father-in-law. When her husband learns of this, he began making a cake, which he sold to buy her back; this was the cake he sold.
It’s a crumbly pastry made with lard and filled with fermented winter melon paste. The flavor is unique and the chewy texture is very satisfying. True to many Chinese pastries, it isn’t too sweet, but it satisfies sugar cravings. Check out our video on Wife Cake to learn more.

Maxim's Bakery - wife cake - Chinese Cake In Vancouver

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